ALDO Hankel Women’s Wedge Sandals

Wedge Sandal

This summer’s hit are the ALDO Hankel Women’s Wedge Sandals! I’m sure you’ve seen them available at every store in a bazillion styles and you have seen everyone wearing wedge sandals. Needless to say, they are fun to wear, but the true benefit of wearing a wedge sandal, is their unique design. The solid, blocked sole allows us to move freely and confidently over all different types of terrain. We can wear them to outdoor weddings and parties. We can wear the ALDO Hankel Sandals on the boardwalk. We can wear them during a lunchtime stroll, or wear them while we’re shopping at the mall. No worries even on our Italian vacation, where we will surely encounter cobblestone, gravel, sand, grass, and slippery museum floors. Where ever we may go, the ALDO Hankel Women’s Wedge Sandals are sure to provide us with the comfort, support and durability these sandals are known for. Available in two colors; Cognac and Midnight Black

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