Apple Ipad 2 New Premium Reusable Screen Protector

For Apple Ipad 2 New Premium Reusable Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth (pack of 3)

Do you want to scratch your screen after spending $500, $600, $700 or more on an Apple iPad? Be my guest! If you’d rather be smart and protect your investment, you need to spend a few dollars and protect the screen! This is a set of 3, yes that’s right, 3 Apple Ipad 2 New Premium Reusable Screen Protectors with Cleaning Cloths.

How much? It’s diddly squat compared to having to repair the screen. It will actually cost you less than a pile of pancakes. No, seriously, these are solid, strong, cheap screen protectors to save you from the hassle of sending your iPad out for repair.  Don’t wait, buy your screen protectors today – and give one of the extras to your meat-head friend who thinks his screen is immune from scratches.  Heck, give it to him for his birthday – he’ll never know it costs just a few bucks.

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