CHEAP – Laptop Cooler Pad w/ 3 Fans

LED Laptop Cooling Fan

  • USB powered, cord attached
  • Keeps your laptop or notebook cool with three fans
  • Lightweight, fits into your laptop travel case
  • Blue LED lights built into the pad
  • W: 11.4 in, L: 9.4 in, H: 1.2 in

This Laptop and Notebook Cooler Pad  will help to cool your laptop computer where ever you are. There are 3 fans mounted in the bottom of the cooler pad to circulate air and prolong the battery life and preserve the health of your laptop by helping to prevent over-heating. The SANOXY Laptop Cooler Pad features Blue LED lights and a light angle for comfort (rear legs – 1.2 inches, front legs – 0.6 inches).  Get this WICKED Cheap!

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