Monkey Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

Potato, fruit and veggie peeler - Monkey shaped

  • Whimsical monkey fruit and vegetable peeler; 6 inches long
  • Stainless-steel blade swivels to follow curved surfaces
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle shaped like monkey with upraised arms
  • Bright orange; encourages kids to help out
  • Matches other Animal House kitchen tools; dishwasher-safe

Bright, fun, entertaining and practical – this Animal House Monkey Fruit and Vegetable Peeler will bring the zoo right into your kitchen! Your children will love helping peel the potatoes and carrots when you bring out the monkey peeler. Shaped like a monkey hanging from a branch, this kitchen peeler has a stainless steel peeling blade that swivels to adeptly peel curved surfaces, a textured body which is a non-slip handle and at one of of the blade you even get a potato eye remover. This Kitchen Monkey Fruit and Vegetable Peeler will make the task of peeling much more fun than any other peeler you’ve ever owned! Plus, the price is excellent!

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