Nerf 2 in 1 Demolisher and Blaster

Nerf Elite 2 in 1 Demolisher BlasterA toy that every boy and girl will love, the Nerf Elite 2 in 1 Demolisher and Blaster! The Elite Demolisher from Hasbro toys will give you and your kids endless hours of excitement – the nerf way! We all grew up with Nerf toys, and they’re still going strong with new and innovative toys like their line of blasters and this Demolisher and Blaster combo. It shoots both darts and missiles!

It’s Nerf or Nothin’ with the Elite Demolisher, shooting Nerf darts with the 2 in 1 functions of the blaster will unleash destruction (not really – it’s Nerf) of all obstacles in it’s way. Take aim with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster and unleash motorized dart blasting and pump-fire missiles!

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  • Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster fires darts, missiles, or both up to 90 feet
  • Motorized dart blasting and pump-action missile blasting
  • Acceleration trigger powers up the motor
  • 10-dart banana clip
  • Detachable stock with integrated missile storage

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