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Life’s A Bargain is a Promotional and Product Review friendly website. We offer many ways to advertise your business. The most popular way to advertise on Life’s A Bargain is our sponsored posts. The second most popular is banner advertisements and the third is product reviews and giveaways.

Sponsored Post:

Pre-written (written by you):        $275.00

Not pre-written (written by me):   $375.00

By far our most popular option. A Sponsored Post provides a brand with the opportunity for both awareness and engagement beyond the typical display banner. Purchasing a sponsored post is a great way to expand your brand and reach a new audience. Your post will be displayed in the same manner as every post on Life’s A Bargain.

You will choose between pre-written and not pre-written as mentioned above. You do need to supply a photo(s) and back-link specifications (2 links), or allow me to have free range when assembling the post! Please note that infographics contain no unique content so they fall within the not pre-written post. A pre-written post must provide unique content for SEO reasons.

I will assemble and enter the post onto my website within 24 hours of payment. The sponsored post will be a permanent post on our website. Your post will have all the benefits that my posts have, which include social media share/like buttons, random rotation and SEO optimizations.


  1. Sponsored Post  $275.00 – $375.00
  2. Front Page – Left – Above The Fold 200×200 – $250/60 days
  3. Front Page – Left – Below The Fold 200×200 – $155/60 days
  4. In Post – Sidebar – Above The Fold 300×300 – $450/60 days
  5. In Post – Sidebar – Below The Fold 300×300 – $275/60 days
  6. Site-wide Header  – Leaderboard 728×90        – $1050/60 days




I love trying and reviewing practical use products and offering a comprehensive review about my personal experience. A product review will become a permanent part of my website, be promoted through all of my social media outlets and will get a sidebar link on every page at Life’s A Bargain for a whole month!

I like to review products and combine them with a giveaway for my readers. This does two things which benefits the product company. A review is a good way to draw attention to your product and attract buyers who may not have considered your brand before. A giveaway along with the review will increase interest in the product, and gain familiarity with your brand.

Are you only interested in providing a product for review? With a product review, you will get permanent placement on my website plus all the other benefits that come along with advertising at Life’s A Bargain – such as social media promotion, sidebar promotion and more!

Please Note: Much effort and time is put into each product review. I receive no compensation for my product reviews. The product to be reviewed will not be returned to the sponsor.


Product Review Policy:

  • Full sized/complete products are required for thorough testing to write a proper review of my personal experience.
  • Tested products will be kept or donated, but will not be returned.
  • Sponsor is responsible for all shipping costs, taxes & any fees associated with the review, if applicable.
  • A complete comprehensive, honest review will be posted immediately after product has been received and fully tested (usually within 7-14 days, depending on product and testing needed)
  • The review post will contain links back to your website, sale page of the product being reviewed, or any other page that is requested by the sponsor.
  • Any information associated with product that the sponsor would like added can also be included at sponsor’s request.
  • Product must be valued at more than $200.00 to be considered for a review (payment options also available).
  • Products valued at $300.00 or more qualify for a free Giveaway Promotion on my website!
  • All Reviews and Giveaways are subject to my approval.


Giveaway Policy:

  • As administrator of the giveaway I will host and promote your giveaway through my blog and all of my social media outlets and Newsletter. This includes my reach of more than 20,000. Doing so will increase exposure and brand recognition.
  • Giveaways will be posted for approximately 2 weeks, depending on product & unless specified otherwise by the sponsor.
  • Winner will be selected using the Rafflecopter application (via Random.org) and notified by email.
  • Upon confirmation, Winner’s information will be forwarded to the sponsor of giveaway.
  • The sponsor will be responsible for shipping the product to the winner free of charge, tax and custom fees if applicable.
  • Sponsor must specify the regions in which giveaway will be available i.e. US Only (48 or 50), USA/Canada, Worldwide etc…
  • Entry options to follow sponsors via social media outlets & visit product website will be included on Rafflecopter.


Just A Giveaway!

Do you want a Giveaway hosted for your product? I will be more than happy to run a Giveaway for you! A small fee of $175 will be charged for a Giveaway event hosted on my website. This will allow me to provide adequate ongoing maintenance and advertisement through previously specified avenues. All other Giveaway Policies will apply.

Giveaway Winner Selection:

Winner will have 48 hours to reply by email with shipping information or will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be drawn. The reselection process will be repeated only twice. If no winner is determined after the selection of 3 winners, the sponsor will be notified and no prize will be awarded, unless otherwise specified by sponsor.

I will do my best to make sure prizes are received by winners by communicating with the company to ensure things go smoothly. If for some reason the prize is not received, I will not be responsible for any item lost in transit or damaged. Life’s A Bargain is not responsible if a sponsor/company does not fulfill prize obligation. However, we do expect these brands to cooperate fully and expect no issues.

Please contact me to discuss your needs:




*Current stats available by request.



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