Purple Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit

#Amethyst Crystal Growing KitDid you have a Crystal Growing Kit when you were a child? Me too! Now it’s your kids turn to grow some Crystals with this Purple Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit!

This science kit is just as cool as the one you used when you were a kid (ok, maybe cooler). Your kids will learn how crystals form and grow. They’ll be able to grow an amethyst colored crystal right in their own home. Compare the amethyst colored crystal to a real amethyst specimen (included!).

The Purple Amethyst Crystal Growing Kit includes everything you need to produce your own crystals including instruction (easy to follow), stirring stick, seed rock and growing powder. It also includes a piece of real amethyst so you can compare your crystal to the real deal.

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  • Grow a purple crystal that looks like an amethyst
  • Compare the crystal you grew to a real amethyst specimen
  • Kit includes growing powder, seed rock, stir stick, and instructions
  • Includes full color information guide and activity booklet
  • Science doesn’t get any cooler than this!

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