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Bacon Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Who loves bacon? We all love bacon and this bacon green bean casserole will surely take care of that craving! A comfort food you love, with a little extra yum! This green bean casserole with bacon is easy to make and tastes delicious. Whether you’re preparing for the holidays, or just looking for a delicious […]

Snack Pack Pudding Cup Graveyard Treat

Snack Pack Zombie Graveyard!

Who’s ready for Halloween? I know I am, so today we’re making a Snack Pack Zombie Graveyard! OooOooo it’s spooky! The ghosts and skeletons will be crawling out from under the earth to roam the neighborhoods on Halloween! This pudding cup Snack Pack zombie graveyard is a great way to serve up dessert to the kiddos at their Halloween Party…

Paleo Bacon-Turkey Meatballs Recipe

I’ve found this incredible recipe in my eMeals subscription that I wanted to share with you! (It’s a recipe that came in the Paleo plan). If you don’t know what eMeals is, it’s a service that comes via email, it gives you recipes for the week and includes shopping lists┬áthat coincide with sales at your […]

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