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Bokos Sandals Review and Coupon Code

I must say that I am not typically a big fan of sandals or flip flops.  I have hardly ever found a pair of sandals that were comfortable from the start, but Bokos are different. They were great right out of the package, no need to ‘break them in’.  I usually find sandals are either too big or too small, and again I was proved wrong by Bokos – they fit great, no slip and no funky feel.  They don’t cause blisters, or slip so much that I can’t walk farther than 10 feet without getting frustrated.

Bokos Footwear Sandals

Oh, and Flip flops are just wrong, I always feel like they are secretly trying to slice off my big toes.   To me – flip flops are only good as shower shoes since that was the only practical use I got out of them in college, plus they get so old and dirty looking after just wearing them a few times..not my thing at all.

I was offered a chance to review Bokos USA Sandals.  The shipping time was great, they arrived in a couple days. They did have a moderate rubber/material odor when they first came out of the packaging but that quickly dissipated.

I was pleasantly surprised with their comfort.  They did not slide off my feet and they did not make that annoying suction sound when walking.  They seem to be very well constructed and are very durable, yet flexible.

Review of Bokos Sandals

They come in a variety of colors, I chose black because the color is versatile and I don’t like to draw attention to my feet but I think I should have picked a brighter color so I could educate people about the comfort and affordability of Bokos.

They are now my go to shoes when I need to run out and get the mail or take a quick trip to the store.  I may even start to wear them as my shoes to and from work instead of my sneakers.

Ok, now you know how I feel about these awesome Bokos Sandals and why they have changed my view… How about a discount so you can give Bokos a try? Bokos are affordable, comfortable and stylish!

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PS: I just got the Dark Pink and love them!

Bokos USA has a colorful selection for both Men and Women. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!


Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Bokos Sandals to review. The views are mine and 100% honest! I hope you enjoy Bokos Sandals as much as I do!

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