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Easy chocolate coffee with a spicy kick

Warm Up with Spicy Chocolate Holiday Coffee!

Are you ready for the holidays? Do you need a holiday pick-me-up to keep you going this time of year? Me too, and this spicy chocolate holiday coffee will hit the spot! Between visiting family, shopping, gift wrapping, baking and everything else that needs to get done – we need a nice cup of coffee that tastes like the holidays, don’t you agree? So let’s make a quick and easy delicious cup to spoil ourselves!

Racecar pull apart pizza recipe

Racecar Bread Pizza Recipe

Where are all of our race fans? Boy, do we have a recipe for you! That’s right, we’re making a race day pizza racecar! Whether you’re hosting a party for friends or just family, this Italian bread pizza racecar recipe can serve the whole crew. It’s a super fast and easy recipe will get everyone chattering about their favorite cars and drivers!

Stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

Blow Your Top Off Jalapeno Poppers!

Learn how to make bacon wrapped jalapenos on the grill! Today we’re sharing our some of our favorite football foods and a recipe for wicked spicy bacon wrapped jalapenos on the grill. Today we’re talking about how to prepare for your football watch party. Everyone has their favorite football food and one tailgating food I love to cook is bacon wrapped jalapenos!

Family Dollar Coupons Straight To Your Phone!

Family Dollar® Smart Coupons

Do you love to save money but always forget to cut coupons and take them to the store? Family Dollar® has a great new option for you! Introducing the Family Dollar® Smart Coupons program where you can clip coupons on brands you love, straight from your PC, tablet or phone.

DIY Terra Cotta Race Car Garden Sculpture

There’s more than one way to celebrate race day you know! Today, we’re making a terra cotta pot race car! Yup, you heard that right, we’re making a race car using terra cotta pots. How cool is that? It’s a great addition to the mulch bed, garden or wherever else you may want to show your love for race day!

Summer Road Trip Meals

Our Summer Road Trip Secret

Are you road trip heroes? Do you love utilizing every hour of daylight in the summer? Are you always scrounging to find something for dinner at the last minute? Boy do I have a solution for you! I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Make Fresh Coffee While Camping

Learn how to make fresh campfire coffee! After spending the night in a tent with a tree stump under your back, you’ll need a nice fresh cup of coffee in the morning. One daily necessity we’ve all come to love is our morning cup of coffee. While we’re out camping with the family, we don’t have the comfort of our coffee pot with us, and there’s no Dunkin’ Donuts® in the middle of the woods. So, what can we do?

9 Must Have Gardening Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts

Does your mother or a mother you know love to spend time in the garden? Years ago the selection for unique gardening gifts that fit every mom’s style were a lot harder to come by. Thankfully, times have changed a bit, and eBay has a wide variety of gardening gifts, perfect for Mother’s Day!

Stacked Spicy Slider Recipe

Ultimate Race Day Sliders

What is your favorite race day food? One thing I like to make for the gang on race day is spicy burger sliders, loaded to the tilt with deliciousness! It really doesn’t matter the race either, watching Ty Dillon race for the flag is always exciting. We all need exciting food to cheer on our favorite drivers!