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DIY Car Care Gift Basket Gift

A perfect gift for anyone, any time of year is a car care gift basket. Whether you have a car enthusiast or new driver in the family, there’s nothing like the pride in taking care of your car – inside and out! From shammies to fragrances, everything she will need to keep her car looking and smelling good. Car care gift baskets are a great gift for everyone who loves their car!

Car Care Gift Basket

This year, one of the gifts I’m giving my honey is a DIY car care gift basket. Sure, you might be able to find a pre-made automotive gift basket out there somewhere. However, like all gift baskets, they only have a few things you really want to see in a gift basket, and then a bunch of filler stuff. Putting together your own car care gift basket gives you the advantage of making it super-awesome. You can add anything and everything you want!

Katie recently bought a new car, a nice shiny Jeep Grand Cherokee. She loves it and loves taking care of it – keeping it looking good and smelling good for years to come is essential to staying in love with a car. You know, kind of like a boyfriend – lookin’ good, smellin’ good – all is good! 🙂

Katie's New Jeep Grand Cherokee

With all this in mind, I’m shopping for everything I need to put together the best car care gift basket.

It was convenient to find Yankee Candle® brand products right there in the air care aisle, near the laundry aisle in Walmart – I had to grab a few different fragrances! Walmart always has unique items that will fit perfectly into a car care kit.

First up, Lookin’ Good…

Car Care Gift Basket – Lookin’ Good

To keep the car looking good, I’ll need to include a few things in this DIY car care gift basket. Here’s a list of items I’ve picked up to help Katie keep her car looking good!

  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Soap with Wax
  • Drying Shammies
  • Duster
  • Fun car wash coupons (printable below!)

I’ve chosen these things because they’re basic essentials which not everyone has kicking around. A bucket, microfiber sponge, and soap with wax will help her save money on car washes. And let’s face it, it’s a lot of fun to get the garden hose out and wash the car on a hot day. Yes, I know this is a Christmas gift, but summer is always just around the corner!

DIY Car Care Gift Basket

I’ve also chosen to get some big drying shammies because there’s nothing worse than washing your car and then having water spots all over it after you spend all that time washing it! Water spots are caused by minerals in the water, which is good for your house water to have minerals – but it does leave spots on the car when it dries. Drying the car with shammies helps eliminate water spots.

A small duster is a great item to keep the interior of the car looking good.  A quick once over with the duster every few days will keep things lookin’ good!

Car Care Gift Basket – Smellin’ Good

There are a lot of things that end up in our cars which keep it from smelling it’s best. Everything from foods to gym clothes and even that hitch hiker you pick up along the way …why do they always smell like fish and skunk at the same time…? Anyways! To keep the bad odors at bay, I’m including Yankee Candle® on-the-go Vent Clips and Yankee Candle® on-the-go Car Jar Ultimate fragrances. These are sure to keep the bad odors out and the car smelling nice!

Car Care Gift Basket

Yankee Candle® Automotive Fragrances

Why Yankee Candle® fragrances for the car care gift basket? Katie loves Yankee Candle® products -she has a burner and melts as well as candles of all fragrances. So, naturally she’s going to get Yankee Candle® brand car fragrances in her car care Christmas gift basket!

I picked up a few different fragrances, the Macintosh fragrance, 2 Pink Sands fragrances, and a Clean Cotton fragrance. I know she’ll love all of them! Not sure which one you’ll like best? No worries, look for the scratch ‘n sniff sticker on the front of the packages!

Honey-Do Coupon – Car Wash & Vacuum

Honey-do coupons? Oh yes! Every girl should be able to pass the gauntlet once in a while. Each coupon is redeemable for one car wash and vacuuming!

Car Care Printable Car Wash Coupons

These coupons includes wash, dry and vacuuming the front and back floors and seats, any fabric and even the trunk space – no slacking! The coupon is redeemable for any day, any time!

Print these car wash coupons to include in your car care gift basket!

Check out the Walmart assortment page – Which Yankee Candle® fragrance would you add to a gift basket?