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We were provided with a 6′ roll of EZ Faux Granite in order to facilitate this review.

Our EZ Faux Granite arrived in the mail! As excited as we were, we had to put off our project for a couple of weeks. You see, we were in the middle of moving in to our house when our EZ Faux Granite arrived. Now, we can get on with our EZ Faux Granite project! If you’d like to learn more about EZ Faux Granite beyond our review – visit EZ Instant Makeover and watch the video of Rachael Ray doing some Faux Magic on her show!

The Nightstand:


One of our night stands is in dire need of a new top, we thought about painting it, but that didn’t seem to be the best route to go. We wanted something more…stylish. The EZ Faux Granite is the perfect solution for covering the scratches on this old night stand. (We won’t put our electronics on it this time – promise!)

The top of the Nightstand:

Faux Granite Review

Here are the nasty gouges up close:

Faux Granite Review

Getting Ready!

Faux Granite Nightstand Top

Laying it out and trimming the Granite Film:

Laying out and trimming was very easy. It’s all in the instructions. We just laid the Granite Film over the nightstand and trimmed it to the desired width and length (leaving an inch to trim off towards the end! With a larger area, you may want to measure and cut prior to laying it on the surface. There is a grid on the back of the EZ Faux Granite Film which makes cutting simple and keeps your lines straight as an arrow!

Faux Granite Film

After applying water to the surface as directed in the instructions, hubby gave me a hand and squeegeed (lol that’s a funny word!) out the bubbles with the wallpaper squeegee.

Working out the bubbles:

Squeegee Faux granite

It took both of us to use the blow dryer and get all the VERY detailed edges (sorry – Turbo doesn’t take photos!)

The nightstand has a rounded column shaped “corners” on the front which made getting the faux granite to lay down right extra tricky. If you have square corners – it should be a breeze! Our edges were also not square, they are like a trickle down rounded off stairway? (LOL) How else could I describe it? You can see the edges and the round bump-out corners very well in the first couple of photos.

Completed project. I think it came out very well. We did have to make some relief cuts to get around the rounded corners in the front, everything else went super smooth, fast and it looks great!

Completed Faux Granite Top (It only took about 20 minutes!)

EZ Instant Makeover Granite

Do you want to try EZ Faux Granite on your next project? Visit and order yours today! EZ Instant Makeover also sells Faux Stainless Steel and Faux Chalk Boards. If you’re looking for an affordable way to dress up your kitchen or bathroom counter tops, or even your old night stand, I would recommend EZ Instant Makeover products!