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Duct Tape, Glow In The Dark

Used for a gazillion things. From making outfits, wallets and boats to every day projects like taping stuff together – Duct Tape does itGlowing Duct Tape two styles all! This Duct Tape is extra special because it GLOWS IN THE DARK! OoOoOo I love it! This glow in the dark duct tape is great for everything from creating designs on a ceiling to having the coolest suit at prom! Glow baby Glow!

So whether you’re fixing your car or taping your friend to the ceiling.. The Glow In The Dark Duct Tape deal is for you! You know what they say.. If you can’t Duct It…. F%#(  It! So, grab some awesome glow in the dark duct tape and make some really cool shi…stuff!

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