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cbiasRecipe for Relaxation with Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™Are you ready to spoil yourself and captivate your senses? Suavitel® in wash laundry Fragrance Pearls™ will help you forget about your worries. Relax, sink into a bath with a nice glass of your favorite beverage, a few scented candles and some soft music; finish by wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel, wonderfully scented with Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™. #LongLastingScent #CollectiveBias

Recipe For Relaxation

It’s not often you get to pamper yourself or your special someone, so when the opportunity arises, take advantage of it. Are the kids away for the night? Do you finally have a free evening? Maybe you just need to shut the door and recharge your batteries.

Which ever the case may be, when you indulge your senses, you need to spoil yourself from start to finish. From an amazingly relaxing bubble bath to your scented candles and lovely Lavender Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™ scent boosted towels. You deserve to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and relax once in a while.


  1. Fresh, fluffed towels washed with Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™ in wash scent boosters
  2. A hot bath, drawn to perfection
  3. Soothing bubble bath
  4. Scented tea light candles
  5. Your favorite drink
  6. Soft music


  1. Pour a glass of your favorite relaxation drink
  2. Draw a nice hot bubble bath using scented bubbles
  3. Light a few scented candles
  4. Turn on some soft music
  5. Sink into the warmth and let your worries begin to slip away…
  6. Once relaxed, dry off & wrap yourself in a fluffy towel washed with Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™ in wash scent boosters

Begin your evening of relaxation by adding Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™ to your laundry, in addition to your detergent. Get your fluffiest towels clean, ready and scented nicely with the Suavitel® lavender scented in wash laundry Fragrance Pearls™, they’re scent boosters that will put you in the mood for relaxation!

Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™

For complete relaxation, set aside some time each week to put this recipe to work, it does wonders for your body, senses and soul. It’s your turn to shut down for a little bit, recharge yourself through complete relaxation.

Recipe for relaxation, long lasting scent

What’s your favorite drink? Perhaps a glass of Merlot or sparkling cider. Pour yourself a nice glass to enjoy while you’re allowing yourself to slip into a state of relaxation.

Just imagine, relaxing in a warm bubble bath. Bubbles tingling on your skin, the scented bubble bath taking you away to another land. Candles, soft music and a sip of your favorite libation. Complete relaxation is only a few moments away…

Recipe for relaxation with Suavitel®

Illuminate the room with scented candles, a treat for your eyes and soul. Turn on your favorite relaxing music. This is definitely a personal choice, maybe soft jazz is your relaxation music – or maybe it’s heavy metal. This is totally your call!

Let your worries slip away. Breathe, listen and allow yourself to slip into a deep, relaxing state. Clear your mind, cleanse your body and relax your soul…

A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Once you’re completely relaxed and your worries are left behind, it’s time to leave the bath and wrap yourself with a nice, fluffy towel that has been washed with your favorite laundry detergent and Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™ in wash scent boosters, giving you a burst of Lavender or Field Flowers to complete your relaxation recipe.

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You will not only want to try the lavender fragrance, Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™, which have a 5x longer lasting fragrance, are also available in a Field Flowers fragrance at Walmart. You might be able to find Suavitel® Fragrance Pearls™ samples on select Suavitel liquid fabric conditioners in store as well, so look for those! We love the lavender fragrance, we’re even using the Suavitel® Lavender Liquid Fabric Conditioner as well.

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