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Water filters for your home! #water #cleanwater

The Filtrete Water Station from 3M provides the convenience of bottled water without the cost or waste. Unlike traditional filters that are slow and require separate bottles or glasses, the station filters water directly from the tap into four, reusable water bottles. In seconds, the water station helps reduce sediment, chlorine taste and odor from tap water.

Americans use approximately 30 billion plastic bottles every year and only one third of them get recycled. With the Filtrete Water Station you can grab and go knowing you are doing something for the environment—no waste or cost of bottled water. Good for the environment and good for you too: the bottles are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and have a leak-proof cap. Ideal for busy moms, kids, sports. Save money, reduce waste and enjoy great tasting water.

The Filtrete Water Station quickly filters tap water directly into four 16.9-oz bottles. Its fast flow filter lasts longer than traditional water pitchers, filtering two and a half times more water than traditional pitcher filters and up to 100 gallons of water. The three-month filter change indicator shows you when it’s time to replace the filter; taking away the guess work.

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