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Tips for a Fantastic Date Night

There’s a lot of things that go into making a date night special and I’d love to hear your tips for a fantastic date night. When discussing date nights, we often talk about how we should act, talk, listen, the hand and body gestures we make and so on. We rarely talk about the core aspects of a date – how to dress and how to organize a date so you can concentrate on your date.

Whether you’re in a long term relationship and go out weekly, or monthly for ‘date nights’ or just getting into the dating scene, these tips for a fantastic date night will come in handy – keep these date night tips in mind when planning your next date!

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Sometimes it’s necessary to plan weeks or even months in advance for a date. This is especially true when there’s a concert, play or other entertainment act coming to a town near you, or you plan to go to a very popular restaurant where reservations are required. Sometime’s you’ll need to make special reservations, buy tickets and plan ahead, there’s a lot of ways to plan ahead for a fantastic date night. Here are some important things to keep in mind for your next date night.

Fantastic Date Night Tips

Dress for the Occasion

Not all dates require a shirt and tie. However, you do want to impress your date with your sense of style and clean cut look. Begin by choosing an outfit that will be proper for the date. If you’re headed to a sporting event – you could get away with a team t-shirt, but wouldn’t a jersey be more stylish? If you’re headed out for dinner and a play, you can’t go wrong with a shirt and tie (or little black dress, ladies)!

Dress Well for a Fantastic Date Night

Do your Homework

It’s likely you know the person you’re going out on a date with, but maybe you don’t. It could be a blind date or a date with someone you just met. For a fantastic date, you’ll want to do some homework. Take some time to catch up on current events so you’ll be able to talk about what interests them.

Listen to the daily news while you’re getting ready. Read what’s trending on social media. Be in the know, so you’re not a boring conversationalist who’s clueless to what’s going on in the world around you. Be in the moment and carry your end of the conversation. Do your homework before your date!

Smell Good

No exceptions! Don’t be a stinky date! There’s no need to bring your stink from the gym to your date. Shower, shave, put on deodorant and wear a nice cologne or perfume. Just don’t overdue it. No one likes a stinky date, but no one likes a date with so much cologne that you can smell them 3 blocks away either.

Smell Good for your Date!

Pre-buy Event Tickets

Whether you’re headed to catch a sporting event, comedy act, movie, play or concert – it’s important to have your tickets in hand before your date begins. There’s nothing worse than finding out the show has been sold out and you’re stuck wondering what to do next. Spontaneity may not be your forte, especially when you’re nervously trying to look good for your date!

Have Essentials In Order

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Don’t get caught off guard, you’ll be visiting a bunch of places where germs are festering and looking for their next host. You don’t want to be that person. Make sure you have pocket-size hand sanitizer you can keep in your car or pocket (just don’t make a mess!) Don’t forget to take some Emergen-C before you head out the door. Go ahead, “Let Your Healthy Out”. With over 20 varieties of vitamin supplement drink mixes, Emergen-C offers the formula, flavor, fix, and FUN you’re looking for!

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Together, these tips and essentials may help you pull off the perfect date night! This trio of products are on my date night essentials list; nothing stops me from enjoying life and enjoying a great date night. Get your act together, and keep it together!

Tips and Essentials for a Fantastic Date Night

What are your date night essentials?