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Beckett Price Guide for sports and other collectibles has gone no where. Times have changed, and when I was a kid I loved grabbing the latest issue of Beckett to see how my cards fared.
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I may not have had a huge, valuable, collection, but I had some box sets and my prized card – my first valuable card ever was a Ken Griffey Jr rookie card. I remember hopping on my bike and heading to the card shop to grab the latest issue of Beckett, then flying home, skidding into the driveway to run in and look up all my cards, for the umpteenth time!

Beckett brings back some great memories, and every collector, young and old, should have a subscription. Times have changed and you can get Beckett in an online subscription making it easier to price your sports memorabilia and other collectibles and to keep up with the latest news and trends!

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