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Piggy bank Butt Crack Farting bank

Join the fun, shoot a quarter up this guys crack and make him fart. Your whole house will be laughing at this fart box. Let it rip when you drop your coins in the crack! Now you have somewhere to point your finger next time someone asks “Who cut the cheese?!”

This farting butt crack coin bank is fun, funny…ok hilarious and practical as well! Save those pennies and let the gas flow all night with this piggy bank! Entertain guests, give the kids a few coins so they can make it fart too! Just drop in a coin and the bank will make digital farting sounds!

Coins are easily removed by sliding the top of the Butt Crack Coin Bank off and dumping the loot out! Don’t wait, grab this entertaining fart box coin bank at a bargain price!

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