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Cards Against Humanity GameThe Cards Against Humanity game is not for the faint at heart, it’s not for the weakling in you. It’s an adult game that, if you have a sense of humor — or a disturbed side, you’ll find fun, funny, entertaining and just completely awesome. But, if you’re a weak human, which natural selection should have taken care of a long time ago – this game is not for you.

Cards Against Humanity is composed of 550 cards, can be played by up to 6 people and endless possible rounds of play. It’s made to bring out the most pungent side of you conscious, force you into fighting off your inner good and spewing things you may have previously thought ought not be spewed.

This game will have people talking about your parties, it’ll make you the most popular person in your neighborhood and you’ll have strangers showing up at your house just to join in the most disturbingly fun game on the planet. Your subconscious says no — but your mouth says yes – you wont be able to stop playing this game!

It’s addictive, it’s wrong..but it’s oh so right.

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