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Crayola Digital Light Designer

The Crayola Digital Light DesignerThe Crayola Digital Light Designer allows kids to express their artistic side without you having to clean up the mess from traditional pens! The round dome on the Digital Light Designer responds to the touch of the included stylus, much like your touch screen devices, to display an array of seven different! The Crayola Digital Light Designer allows for limitless fun and adventure! Children can create their own drawings and make them move with the animation options or they can create a short movies by combining their drawings!  Draw anywhere on the dome shaped surface and the designs will magically illuminate! Add super-awesome effects to your drawing or create super-wild animations! You’ll be able to save the drawings and messages you made to save for later too! The Crayola Digital Light Designer dome also features eight fun, interactive and engaging activities and games which is sure to keep every child in your house entertained for hours at a time!

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