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Disney Doc McStuffins Ambulance

Adventures and Fun Abound on the Disney Doc McStuffins Ambulance

When it’s time for your little one to enjoy a ride on the open road (or open floor) then it’s time for the Disney by KidTrax Doc McStuffins Ambulance. This purple four-wheeled machine goes 2.5 miles per hour in forward and reverse. The emergency flashing sirens and lights tell everyone at home who’s coming down the hallway.

They’ll feel like the life of the neighborhood with the Disney Doc McStuffins Ambulance, decorated in bright, colorful decals and purple plastic. Doc is never far away with the traction-strip tires and 6V battery keeping them rolling. Don’t worry about the battery going dead either; Direct Connect makes charging easy and hassle-free. Built for ages 3 and up, this little car holds up to 60 lbs. and is ready to roll when they are.

  • The Disney by KidTrax Doc McStuffins Ambulance is adorned in brightly colored decals and furnished in a smooth, purple plastic
  • Emergency flashing lights and sirens make for a fun, exciting ride-a-long experience for your little one
  • Traction-strip tires keep them on the road safely with slip resistance
  • 6V battery keeps this little car moving at a 2.5 mph pace both forward and in reverse
  • Direct Connect offers hassle-free recharging for the included 6V battery
  • Perfect for ages 3 and up and comfortably holds up to 60 lbs

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