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Flutterbye Fairy  Pink Flying Flower Fairy

The Flutterbye Fairy pink flying flower fairy appears to effortlessly float and dance through the air, the perfect image of a graceful garden fairy. What pairs more perfectly than flowers and fairies? Enchant your little girl with the Flutterbye Fairy, helping to stimulate hours of imaginative play and activity. She’ll love creating her own fairy tale games and stories with the Flutterbye flower fairy doll, whether playing indoors or outside on a sweet sunshiny day.

Fairy tale magic has never been closer to home than with the flying pink flower fairy doll. The Flutterbye flying fairy doll takes flight from its charging base, spinning and twirling through the air to create a picture of fantasy and magic to delight all ages. The battery-operated doll has been dressed in a fairy tale inspired gown of pink and purple, featuring a skirt of lighter pink flower petals. When the fairy lifts from the charger and into the air, her flower petal skirt spins. Her pink hair matches her dress, styled in a classical up-do and accented with a sassy purple bow to match her ballet-style shoes.

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