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The New HOT POCKETS® Breakfast and Snack bites are the newest addition from HOT POCKETS® that will have your kids chowing down and asking for more! They are delicious bite size pieces that are made for on-the-go people, like you! They’re quick to make, easy to eat and amazingly good! #BiteHungerBack #CollectiveBias

Satisfying your kids better than anything else in the kitchen, the new HOT POCKETS® Breakfast and Snack bites. Grab some back, egg and cheese breakfast bites for those mornings that you just don’t have time to cook! Afternoon snacks are made easy with the new HOT POCKETS® Pepperoni Pizza Snack Bites. From the break of dawn until the sun goes down, HOT POCKETS® has you covered!

I cannot seem to keep my kids (can also say teens, teenagers, sons, boys, as reflects the blogger) full! They are constantly hungry and ready to eat. I have a busy schedule and do not always have the time to prepare a full meal every time hunger strikes. But now, there is a solution I can feel good about serving: NEW HOT POCKETS® Snack Bites and Breakfast Bites. These bites are everything I look for when serving my family. They’re made with high quality ingredients like 100% real cheese and have no artificial flavors. Plus they’re satisfying, and most importantly, hunger fulfilling.

Now you can get them at Walmart!

Try the NEW HOT POCKETS® Pepperoni Pizza Snack Bites or HOT POCKETS® Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bites today!