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Minions Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Do you have a special little girl in your life who just loves the Minions? What are some great Minions birthday party ideas for girls? We’ve got some nifty, budget friendly Minions birthday party ideas to help get your girls Minion birthday party off on the right foot.

Minion Birthday Party for Girls

Starting with decorations, we all love to decorate but let’s be honest, it’s not always our forte. Throwing a Minions birthday party for a girl doesn’t have to be difficult though! Of course the main focus for colors should be yellow and blue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some pink – which is a great accent color for yellow! It’s easy to make a great table setting for a girls Minion birthday party, even on a budget.

While I was at Walmart picking up party supplies, I was stopped in my tracks by the Minions Clip Cards display! Have you seen these new Hallmark Minions Birthday Cards? They’re so cute, fun and they come with little stuffed Minions characters with clips on them.

Hallmark Minions Birthday Clip Cards

Everybody, young and old – girls and boys will love the stuffed characters that come with the Hallmark Minions birthday cards. She’ll be clipping the Minions to a belt hook, purse or just hanging them around her room! They’re a great conversation piece and, well, who wouldn’t love a little stuffed Minion with their birthday card?!

Choosing cupcakes with yellow and pink frosting will give that splash of pink you need to make this a memorable girls Minions birthday party!

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Aside from Hallmark Minion birthday cards, I also picked up some yellow Hallmark wrapping paper to wrap up all the cool Minion birthday gifts. The yellow paper also helps create the Minions birthday color scheme.

Don’t worry, you’ll only be seeing yellow for  few days! 😉

After grabbing a few Minions birthday cards (stock up while they’re available!), gift wrap and other Hallmark supplies, I wondered down the card aisle and found another awesome deal I couldn’t pass up. The Hallmark $0.47 cards! These cards are, you guessed it – 47 cents!

Hallmark Minions Cards

You know me, saving money where ever I can. I had to snag a bunch of these 47 cent Hallmark Value Cards. I picked up a couple birthday cards, a few baby shower cards (you never know!) a few wedding cards, since it’s summer and I know there must be an invitation heading to my house as we speak. Hallmark Value Cards make it easy, and budget friendly to stock up on cards for all occasions!

There seems to be a value card for every occasion in the 47 cent Hallmark value card section, so make sure to check those out and stock up while you’re at Walmart!

Hallmark Value Cards

Back to Minion birthday party ideas for girls. A pink table cloth goes a long way in decoration for a girls party, and the color pink compliments the Minions yellow and of course blue, which is the color of their overalls. All in all, I think it’s fairly simple to throw a girls Minion birthday party for not much extra cost than you’d normally spend. A few pink balloons, a pink table cloth and of course all the Minions you can find! After all, it is all the Minions! Here are some free party games that all kids love…

5 Fun Free Birthday Games

Limbo – You know how to play this one. Grab a broom stick, turn the music on and have a game of limbo, the one who doesn’t land on their bum wins!

Musical Chairs – Turn the music up, put the chairs in a circle (one less chairs than there are children) and have the kids dance around the chairs until the music stops. The one who’s left without a chair is out. Remove a chair and repeat until there’s a winner!

Simon Says – A great way to keep the kids entertained and ‘in line’ is to play a game of Simon Says! Those who move without Simon saying to do so are out!

Duck, Duck Goose! – The kids will sit in a circle while one child walks around the outside of the circle and lightly taps each child on the head saying “Duck” until the child chooses someone to tap and say “Goose”. The “Goose” then jumps up and tries to tag the one who called them a goose before they make it all the way around the circle. – Everyone’s a winner!

Egg Race – Line everyone up with eggs on spoons and have them race from point A to point B (set up finish lines). Race back and forth until only 1 person still has their egg on the spoon. No touching the egg with your fingers! 1 hand behind your back at all times!

Minions Birthday Party Ideas

To round off the your Girls Minion birthday party, don’t forget to grab some cupcakes from the bakery or lovely bouquet of flowers – what girl doesn’t love getting flowers on her birthday?

Minions Card Display

Which Minions Card is your favorite?

Visit Connections from Hallmark for more inspiration!