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Operation Smile

What is Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is world wide charity that helps children born with cleft lip and cleft palates. With more than 5000 volunteers originating from over 80 countries, Operation Smile provides life saving surgery, post-op care and therapy for children living in mid to low income countries.

Operation Smile began mobilizing their team of medical professionals in 1982 and has preformed more than 220,000 surgical procedures to date.

On top of their traveling teams of volunteers, Operation Smile also provides long-term medical care through their brick and mortar medical care centers located throughout the world. By way of established care centers and foundations, Operation Smile is helping to build medically sustainable environments for countries which otherwise had no means of doing so.

Operation Smile before and after

While Operation Smile boasts hundreds of thousands of smiles, they also can stand proud with their medical education and training programs. Many low-income countries don’t have the medical professionals or knowledge to help prevent disease. Through partnerships Operation Smile offers hands on medical training programs and has trained thousands of local medical professionals in middle and low income countries. Learn more at

How can students help?

So, how is it possible for a student to help without traveling the world? It’s EASY! donates a portion of every dollar for every text book rented from them. It’s simple, rent your text books and you’ll be helping Operation Smile!

Students can also help Campus Book Rentals with their mission to provide funding to Operation Smile AND make money themselves with the Rent Back program (2-4x more $ than a buy back). Rent your textbooks to other students, make money and help Operation Smile at the same time. Learn more about the Rent Back program at