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Fisher Price Dune Racer Green

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The Power Wheels Dune Racer by Fisher Price is a safe and fun way for boys and girls to get into the driver seat! Made for outdoor use, and available in Pink and Green, the off-road Dune Racer features the new Monster Traction drive system that provides the versatility to navigate hard surfaces, wet grass and rough terrain. The rugged steel frame with shiny chrome accents along with the open cockpit design has enough room for two riders. The Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racers have two forward drive speed and one reverse speed. All powered by the 12 volt rechargeable battery (Charger Included), the Dune Racer by Fisher Price provides hours of limitless fun! The Monster Traction drive system will take your kids over ruts, grass, gravel, mud and more. With the secret storage compartment under the hood, they’ll be able to collect and safely store treasures along the way.

Monster Traction Drives on Rough Terrain!

The Dune Racer Power Wheels are designed to navigate over rough terrain and is made for off road backyard fun! The Racer’s big rugged tires and Monster Traction drive system keep it from getting stuck while powering through tree roots, lush lawns, driveway edges, bump, ruts, garden hoses and more!

Steel Frame For Durability and Safety.

Fisher Price Dune Racer PinkBuilt for safety, the steel frame on the Power Wheels Dune Racer by Fisher Price will support a maximum weight of 130 pounds. The shiny chrome accents on the rims, bumper and shift bar highlight the durable bright colors of the exterior (Pink and Green). Two metal sidebars provide stable hand supports, while the hook and loop fastening seat belts help children get into the habit of buckling up every time they get in a vehicle. For even more safety, the interior of the Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racer consists of smooth contours and rounded over edges to protect against scratches or cuts.

Two Speeds For Safe Fun!

The Power Wheels Dune Racer by Fisher Price has two speeds, providing your children beginner Dune Racer By Fisher Priceand advanced level driving experience. The Dune Racer’s two speeds can accommodate your children while keeping them traveling at a speed which is safe for them. Beginners can experience low traveling speeds of 2.5 MPH while more advanced children will enjoy speeds up to 5 MPH. One speed slow reverse allows children to get a full driving experience. For added safety, Fisher Price has included an automatic break on the Dune Racer. The brake automatically stops the Dune Racer when your child’s foot is lifted off the pedal.

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