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SNO BRUM Snow Broom For Cleaning Vehicles

The SNO BRUM is the quick and easy solution for cleaning off your car in the winter! The Sno Brum offers you the best way to remove heavy piles of snow from your vehicles after every snow storm. Used by thousands of car dealerships world wide, the Sno Brum makes removing snow from your car, truck or SUV super easy! With the Sno Brum you can easily reach across the width of your while vehicle and clear the snow off with just a few sweeps.

SNO BRUM Snow BroomWe all hate those little brushes that are only 10-12 inches long! And most of the time the snow is deeper than the brush forcing you to sweep the same spot over and over to get all the snow off your car! With the Sno Brum you’ll have 17 inches of clearing ability and the 6 inch width makes for a sturdy plow to push that deep snow right off your car! Removing snow from the hood, roof and windshield has never been easier!

The Sno Brum is made from durable, non-abrasive molded polyethylene foam which is tough but soft and will not scratch the paint or harm the finish of any vehicle. The polyethylene material is also freeze resistant and has received the highest rating in center load testing.

Extending from 27 inches to 46 inches, the Sno Brum’s powder coated steel telescoping handle and cold resistant nylon threads will allow you to clear the snow off every vehicle in your household in only a few minutes! Don’t buy another cheap bristled snow brush, use what nearly every car dealer in the country uses, the SNO BRUM!

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