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XBOX 360 Headphones with Mic

This XBOX 360 Headphones with Mic will change your gaming experience, according to customer first hand accounts. This headset with mic for the XBOX 360 will project crystal clear audio to those you’re playing and allow you to hear others completely unobstructed. The construction is sturdy and strong, the Headphone & Mic set is built to last. Chat with friends and strategize as a team while playing your favorite XBOX 360 games.

You may be looking for wireless, but don’t pass this deal up. With wireless the headset controls are not easily used during game play. With this Pro Headphone with Mic the set up provides easy power connection to the controller and optimal placement of the volume wheel and mute/un-mute buttons making for a better overall gaming experience. Click below to see the unbeatable deal on the XBOX 360 Heaphones with Mic!

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