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The Best 100 Magic Trick KitHave you ever dreamed of putting on a magic show? Yes, we all have – and the kids do too! With this 100 trick magic show kit, there’s no more dreaming. Those magician dreams have become a reality – no slight of hand here! We all know the kids will be jumping for joy when they find out you got them a magic trick kit, but we all know you’ll let out a little “yipee” when it arrives too. Admit it, you’re just as excited as they are about this magic trick kit!

This is one magic kit that has everything you need to get started with magic – it’s fun, educational and entertaining!

100 Trick Magic Show Kit

Magic Tricks Kit

This 100-Trick Magic Show lets children wow their audiences and amaze even themselves! Learn the great secrets of illusion from one of the most complete magic sets ever made. This set comes with a magic hat, magic wand, suitcase that doubles as a magician’s table, props, the “Secrets of 100 Magic Tricks” book and instructional magic trick DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes.

Best Magic Trick Kit for Adults and Kids

Magic Trick Props Included

Props include a drawer box, 3 plastic cups, 4 fuzzy balls, double-sided lollipop, x-ray color cube and lid, coin box with top, dice escape (3 parts), 3 red plastic balls, red half ball, quarter box and lid, 6 multiplying rabbits, ring, ring with false bottom, rabbit ring mat, rabbit token, spot card, number card, thumb tip, mystery card deck, crazy coin cap, flip box, 2 blue tubes, 2 clear tubes, 2 apple cans, rabbit paddle, color cube, hanky vanisher with elastic cord and double-sided tape.

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Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

  • Perform magic in no time with step-by-step instructional DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes
  • Storage suitcase doubles as a performance table measuring 10in high x 19.5in wide
  • Filled with over 100 of the greatest magic tricks and props, plus a magic hat and wand
  • Includes a special magician’s magic deck of cards and high quality props to perform mind-blowing tricks
  • Recommended for children 8 years of age and older