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Dremel Combo Kit

The Dremel Three-Tool Combo Kit will make your life as a do-it-yourselfer, crafter, hobbyist or professional much easier. Do you like to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty around the house repairing, remodeling your home or doing various other projects? Maybe you’re the hobbyist or craft maker. Which ever the case may be, the Dremel Three Tool Combo Kit is here to save you time and money! The Dremel CKDR-02 Combo Kit offers you the Series 300 Variable Speed Rotary Tool, a Trio Specialty Tool and a Multi-Max Oscillating Tool. These tools will help you breeze through a wide variety projects in the home or in your studio or garage.

Dremel Series 3000 Rotary Tool

Dremel 300 Rotary Tool

The 3000 Rotary Tool is a must have for do it yourselfers. This tool cuts, sands, polishes, drills, and grinds, making it perfect for all sorts of projects around the house. Unlike other saws, grinder and drills the 300 is able to get into those nooks and crannies while operating at speeds from 5,000rpm to 35,000rpm. Light weight, easy to handle, maneuver and work with, the Dremel Series 300 Rotary Tool is a must have for every home or studio.


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Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool

Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating ToolThe Muli-Max Oscillating Tool is a necessity for every toolbox. Offering minimal dust production, the Multi-Max is capable of sanding, cutting, and more. Due to it’s ergonomically designed handle, the multi-max is comfortable to hold for a long period of time without getting cramps in your hand. Perfect for detail work it edges, cuts and shapes wood to perfection. Whether you’re working on installing your kitchen cabinets, making doll house furniture or something in between the Multi-Max Oscillating Tool ►► is a must have for every home and workshop.

Dremel Trio Rotary Cutting Tool

Dremel Trio Cutting ToolThe Trio makes quick work of any material. Whether you need to cut through wood, drywall, plastic, sheet metal, aluminum or tile, the Trio will not let your down. Allowing you to work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, the ergonomically shaped handle pivots 90 degrees, making it easy to navigate into those tricky areas. The Trio uses a spiral cut which creates smoother edges that require less sanding, saving you a lot of time. For the best control and precision while cutting, the Dremel Trio Rotary Tool has a variable speed setting which ranges from 10,000rpm to 20,000rpm.

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