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Frying turkeys has become a popular way to cook them, especially for Thanksgiving. If you’ve never had a fried turkey, you’re certainly missing out! The news seems to always be pounding the fear drum about frying your turkey for Thanksgiving and what not – but the truth is, if you follow the instructions it’s perfectly safe and very, very, very few ever create a problem and the number of accidents vs the amount of people who use these fryers is minimal. But, “Family enjoys fried turkey for Thanksgiving” doesn’t make for good news. Anyways…

Indoor or Outdoor Turkey Fryer?

Both are available! The outdoor turkey fryer is fun – set it up and use as instructed, and you’ll enjoy an awesome tradition that you can share with your family year round and year after year.

There are certain people who shouldn’t use outdoor fryers. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like fire, propane or you’re just not confident in what you’re doing, then the indoor turkey fryer is for you (check out the indoor fryer below)

Outdoor Turkey Fryer

Brinkman Outdoor Turkey Fryer

The outdoor turkey fryer made by Brinkman will serve up the most juicey, succulent turkey you’ve ever had. Forget that dried, baked turkey — it’s time to upgrade to a yummy fried turkey for your family to enjoy. They’re worth it!

Brinkman Outdoor Turkey Fryer →

  • 30-Quart stock pot and outdoor gas stove
  • Aluminum stockpot and 45,000 BTU cast iron burner
  • Over-temperature sensor- shuts off gas flow automatically
  • 12-Inch Stainless Thermometer and 1-ounce seasoning injector
  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 18.5 x 14.6 inches ; 23 pounds

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Indoor Turkey Fryer

Perhaps a safe indoor turkey fryer is what you’re looking for.  The indoor fryer is perfect for those who wish to enjoy fried turkey but don’t want to be outside in the cold…or for those who want to mitigate the risk of accidents like we talked about above. The Butterball indoor fryer comes highly recommended and is a top seller!

Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer

The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer is perfect for cooking your whole turkey. The Large model can fry turkeys up to 14 pounds and the Extra Large fryer can fry turkeys up to 20 pounds!

Butterball Turkey Fryer →

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Thermostat Temperature control
  • Cooking Basket with Drain Clip
  • Drain Valve for Easy Cleaning
  • Fry up to a 20lb Turkey or Boil Seafood and Steam Vegetables
  • Explore delicious recipe ideas for your Indoor Safe Fryer & Cooker below under “Product Details,” crafted by chef John McLemore

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