BlogEase Christmas Tree Tour

Merry Christmas!

This year, just like last, some of the members from our Blogger Group are hosting another Christmas Tree Tour! Check out the Christmas Tree at our house and submit a link to yours! Below you can submit a link to a picture of your Christmas Tree!

Submit a “Public” Facebook photo, Instagram photo, pinterest photo, a photo from your blog or even upload a photo! Hop to it, link up and show off your Christmas Tree!

Link Up Your Christmas Trees!

Use the “Add Link” button below to include a picture of your Christmas Tree!

Here’s our Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree

Our cool Moose Ornament we got on one of our ‘staycations’ somewhere in New Hampshire….

New Hampshire Moose Christmas Ornament

Mt. Washington Cog Railway Wooden Ornament. We got this at the gift shop when we took the cog ride to the top of Mt. Washington…

Mt. Washington Cog Railway Ornament

Clarks Trading Post Bear Ornament

Clarks Trading Post Ornament

Las Vegas Wreathe Ornament (We love Las Vegas!)

Las Vegas Ornament

And of course it’s just not Christmas without Santa Claus!

Santa Claus Ornament