Knitting Video Tutorials for BeginnersLearn to knit with these easy to follow tutorials. A few things you’ll need to learn in order to begin knitting are the basic techniques used in knitting. To begin knitting you’ll need to learn the cast on stitches technique, which will allow your piece to have a nice finished beginning edge. The next thing you’ll need to learn is how to knit your first and second rows. There are other techniques, like purling – which is included in the videos below. You’ll also need to bind off your project, which gives your piece a finished and completed edge when you’re finished.


Learn To Knit Videos

Cast On Stitches

 Knitting Your First and Second Row

Purling and Knitting

Cable Knitting

Binding Off

How To Knit An Easy Scarf

How To Knit An Easy Hat

Free Hat Pattern Here

The video above is from this Youtube Channel ← which has a lot of great videos, tutorials, instructions and ideas for knitters of all experience levels – including the purl 2 together and knit 2 together as mentioned in the video above.

Another great way to increase your knitting skills is to join (free) this site called Raverly, which is a knitting and crocheting community where nearly 5 million memebers of all skill level share their experience, patterns, tips and tricks. Check it out.


There are loads of different techniques and stitches when it comes to knitting. There’s a website called Wool and the Gang, which has lots and lots of video tutorials ← which outline many different techniques and things you need to know to move forward with your knitting.

Enjoy! 🙂