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Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V 29'er Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

Are you looking for a top notch mountain bike at a bargain price? Well, the Diamondback Overdrive V 29’er Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels is just that. A superior bicycle from a top brand with a low price.

The Diamondback 29er Overdrive is just what you’re looking for. There’s no denying that a large 29 inch wheel is on your wish list due to it’s powerful root crushing, rock climbing abilities. This Diamondback Overdrive V 29’er Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels makes even the largest of obstacles seem like no obstacle at all. By offering decreased rolling resistance, increased traction when cornering and improved ground clearance, one ride on one of these massive behemoths is sure to sway even the most harsh skeptic.

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What exactly are the benefits of a 29” Wheel?

  • Angle of Attack – Larger wheels decrease your angle of attack by allowing you to roll over obstacles easier and faster. Bigger wheel = smaller obstacle.
  • Momentum – A larger wheel enables one to carry momentum easier though obstacles.
  • Surface Contact – 29”wheels are less prone to sinking in soft material such as sand and mud due to the larger contact patch causing lower ground pressure. The longer contact patch increases cornering and straight line traction
  • Stability – The relative position of the bottom bracket/cranks to the axles in the wheels also means that your relative center of gravity is lower. This results in a feeling of riding “in” the bike rather than on top of it.
  • Tire Clearance – with more tire choices than any platform, the 29” wheel easily accommodates off road as well as commuting tires.
  • Taller Riders – 29″ bikes tend to offer taller riders a more “natural” frame geometry.

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V 29'er Mountain BikeThe Diamondback Overdrive V 29’er Mountain Bike packs a punch in terms of value and affordability and takes 29ers to a new level. The newly revised Aluminum Overdrive series frame boasts newly formed top and down tubes, a machined head-tube, and forged drop outs with a replaceable derailleur hanger. The matte black finished frame has a look that matches its aggressive trail setup. There’s no doubt, you and your new Diamondback 29er will become one machine, out to conquer the toughest terrain. Available in 16″, 18″, 20″ & 22″ Frames.

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