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Dyson Toy Vacuum Cleaner that WorksDo you have a little helper that loves to vacuum? Now they can have their own Dyson Ball vacuum toy, that actually has suction! Yes, you read that right. This Dyson Toy Vacuum Cleaner actually works and sucks up paper scraps and other lightweight dirt. Now your little helper will really be helping when they pick up their own Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Dyson Toy Vacuum that Works!

Don’t wait on this deal, the price isn’t guaranteed and the sale could end any time! Get this toy vacuum cleaner while it’s available and while it’s on sale. It’s a top rated product with 100’s of raving reviews! People love this little toy vacuum cleaner!

Let your helper really help with the Dyson Ball Toy vacuum cleaner. It’s their size, and the dirt cleaning power is real. When you vacuum, they can too – and they’ll actually be picking up dirt with this one! It’s a fun, real toy vacuum that your girl or boy will love.

Dyson Toy Vacuum Cleaner

  • A direct replica of the latest Dyson “Ball” model, this creates realistic role play for exploring imagination and developing social skills
  • Features a simulated cyclone action with colourful balls
  • ‘Twists and Turns’ just like the real thing, manoeuvrability of toy develops problem solving and motor skills
  • Real suction from the foot of the vacuum, this helps for understanding cause and effect
  • True to life sounds for added realism and aural stimulatio

Kids Dyson Toy Vacuum Cleaner That Works

Dyson Toy Vacuum Description

It’s a ball to clean house with this toy Dyson Ball vacuum, the closest thing to real! Just like yours: kids can twist and turn it, suck up teeny snips of paper, and even empty the collection bin! Kids’ Dyson vacuum includes working release pedal, spinning beads, and great sound effects for super-authentic role play. Requires 4 “C” batteries (sold separately).

For ages 3 and up. Ultra-realistic; this is a scaled toy replica of Dyson’s bestselling Ball vacuum Imitates Dyson’s patented cyclone action (turn the vacuum on, and the colored beads spin) With touch sensitive buttons in the handle to activate the suction motor.

It’s powerful enough to pick up teeny tiny scraps of paper and lightweight poly beads. Depress the foot pedal to unlock the vacuum from the upright position Toy Dyson vacuum measures 7 3/4″L x 7″W x 25″H; collection container measures 4″L x 1″W x 1 1/2″H Wipe clean

Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner that Sucks Up Dirt

Dyson Toy Vacuum: From the Manufacturer

Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house – just like the grown-ups. This Dyson Ball upright vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail so your little helper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills. Casdons’ Toy Dyson Vacuum is a direct replica of the latest “Ball” model. This realistic toy features a simulated cyclone action with colourful balls, so you can see it working. It also ‘Twists and Turns’ just like the real thing.

This great toy also has real suction from the foot of the vacuum that is designed to pick up small pieces of paper waste or small poly beads. This links to a removable dustbin at the back, the child can easily take this out to be emptied and the cleaning can start all over again.

Realistic role play for exploring imagination and developing social skills, Replica design with bright colours for visual stimulation, Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination, Working suction and cyclone action for understanding cause and effect, Manoeuvrability of toy develops problem solving and motor skills, Independent play encourages exploration and discovery, true to life sounds for added realism and aural stimulation, Pre-schoolers learn by acting out and copying what their parents do, making the range of role-play toys from Casdon Toys ideal learning vehicles for youngsters wanting to emulate their parents. Casdons Dyson Ball replica is the best toy vacuum on the market. 63cm’s high 4 x C batteries required.

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