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The Fastest Way to Wrap a Last Minute Gift

If you’re a last minute gift giver, learning this fast gift wrapping technique will make life easier! Men are always running to the store last minute and rushing to wrap that gift, right? Who knows that better than me? Well guys, here are a few great ideas to keep you out of the dog house, and still allow you to be a last minute gift-er!

Last Minute Gift Ideas and Fast Wrapping

It’s 2 days before Christmas and you still haven’t picked up a great gift for that lovely lady in your life. What were you thinking? The stores are packed and you don’t want to deal with big crowds and browsing empty shelves for hours!

Last Minute Gift for Her

What is the perfect last minute gift for her – your daughter, girlfriend or wife? How about a fragrance gift set! With all the chaos the holidays bring, finding the perfect gift for everybody can be hard. Thankfully, COTY Holiday Gift Sets make gift buying easy!

Beyonce Fragrance Gift Set

It’s the 11th hour and it’s 11 o’clock at night. Where are you going to find a gift that shows how much you actually care. And no, a pack of gum from the gas station isn’t going to do! Aha! Walgreens to the rescue! I’m headed to Walgreens to grab a fragrance gift box. I scoped out the selection and saw a bunch of great fragrance gift box sets, the one I selected was Beyonce Pulse.

Beyonce Fragrance Gift Sets at Walgreens

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Now that I picked out my last minute gift, I need to make quick work of wrapping it up – and make the wrapping job look great too, not some shoddy bag with no effort type of thing. Fortunately, I have a quick way to wrap a gift box. It will look so professional you’ll probably get a compliment on the gift wrap, too!

A funny story – a few years ago at my girlfriend’s office party there was a white elephant gift exchange. I wrapped the gift using this method for the first time. She was impressed with my new-found wrapping skills. Finally, when it came time for someone to open the gift, they said “Wow! Who ever wrapped this; awesome job!” I couldn’t help but laugh! Anyways, lets learn how to quickly wrap a gift the fastest way.

The Fastest Way To Wrap A Gift

Cut the wrapping paper as you normally would. Enough wrapping paper to wrap around the box and enough on each end to cover the ends without difficulty. Set the box on a slight angle toward the end of the wrapping paper closest to you, and off to one side of the wrapping paper. You don’t need the entire box to be on the wrapping paper. See photo below.

Last Minute Fast Gift Wrapping

Step 1, fold bottom corner up and onto the box. In step 2, tuck and fold left side over the previous fold – secure with tape.

Fast Gift Wrapping Techique

Fold the large area of paper down over the box as seen in step 3, lining up the left edge of the paper with the edge of the box. In step 4, you’ll flip the entire box over while holding the wrapping paper in place.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts Fast

Once the box is flipped, tuck and fold the right side of the wrapping paper over the end of the box as seen in step 5. Fold the remaining side over and secure with tape – step 6.

Wrapping Presents the Fast Way

See how that works? Two pieces of tape, a few easy folds and the box looks professionally wrapped with nice smooth corners, and the wrapping paper design is placed at an angle too! Add a bow and you’ve just wrapped a gift in under 10 seconds! This does take some practice, but once you get it down – you’ll never want to go back to wrapping gifts the old way!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Fast

You’ll impress your honey with the wrapping and then impress her with the awesome Beyonce Pulse fragrance box set from Walgreens! She’ll think you planned this out well in advance and never know this was a last minute gift! Don’t worry, I wont tell if you don’t!

Beyonce Fragrance Gift Set

How do you gift a memory at the last minute?