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For kids, few things are more exciting than unwrapping their favorite toys on Christmas day. Although children of all ages are filling their wish list with things like toys or gadgets, why not take a different approach to gift-giving this year?

Instead of letting them soak in screens or just toys, try to shop for gifts that promote learning and creativity. Whether it’s a pop-up book for the young ones or a fun app of jewelry photo editing or whatnot, today’s market offers plenty of creative gift options.

Last Minute Gift Ideas and Fast Wrapping

Board Games

Kids love to play games on their phones and tablets. If you want them to continue playing minus the screen, board games are the perfect Christmas gifts.

Today’s selection of board games includes more than simple Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble. There are plenty of games that test your child’s cognitive skills, strategizing abilities, and response to teamwork. Some board games also hone a child’s logic, problem-solving, and reading skills.

Building your child’s collection of games also does more than build their skills. It can also be the start of a new tradition. Buy them a game that everyone can play so that you can spend more time together with the entire family. Playing games with your kids is time spent together; sharing laughs, building a relationship, and using new words.

Art Supplies

You can’t go wrong with the traditional pen and paper (and more!). Kids love to explore new materials and discover the joy of creating something with their hands. Give budding artists stamps, special markers, modeling clay, paint, and plenty of paper!

Apart from providing them with a chance to exercise their fine motor skills and provide sensory stimulation, working on art projects promotes conversations with the kids. Ask them what they are making and if they are enjoying it. In the end, they can reward you with their finest works.

Tool Box and Tools

Plastic toy tools are fun, but real “grown-up” tools can help kids learn more about basic repairs and still have fun. Children love to help around the house. So if they are old enough, gift them with a real set of tools that they can use to practice their handy side.

You can buy them a beginner’s toolbox or curate your own. A small toolbox filled with an assortment of tools (either hand-me-downs or new) makes the perfect gift. Don’t forget to add the basic tools: tape measure, screwdrivers, level, wrench, hammer, and nails. But before you give them tools, make sure they are old enough to use these tools.


When in doubt, books always make good presents. Apart from honing their reading abilities, books take kids into different worlds. Plus, sharing the joy of reading is a lifelong gift.

For your book selection, consider the following criteria:

  • For infants and toddlers. Colorful books filled with pictures and have textures that are inviting to the touch are perfect for babies. Shop for colorful picture and board books.
  • For children learning how to read. Gift them with books that match their current reading skill levels to facilitate literacy.
  • For older children. Find engaging book series or chapter books. You can’t go wrong with the classics: Harry Potter’s adventure with the deathly hallows symbol, The Pevensie kids and Aslan the Lion in Narnia, and so forth.

Dramatic Play Toys

Children enjoy playing pretend. Encourage stretching their imagination by gifting them with dramatic play toys. Toys like doctor kits, kitchen sets, dress-up costumes, and dollhouses give the kids a chance to play new roles, as well as use new words in different situations. Pretend play for the younger kids proves them with endless hours of entertainment plus opportunities for social and language development.

Cooking Supplies

Cooking supplies double as fun gifts for kids of any age. Involving the children in making and trying new foods offers a wealth of opportunity for home cooking skills, as well as starting conversations with them. When you cook with them, you learn more about their likes and dislikes while they learn about tastes and textures.


When the glow of online shopping dulls your senses, remember that the best gifts in life don’t always have to be things the kids can play with. Most of the time, the best gift is going on an adventure with them or exploring new places together.

The best gifts in life aren’t just toys that entertain the children. These are gifts that teach them and build them up into better versions of themselves. Keep this in mind when shopping for them this Christmas.