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How to make hamburger pattiesOkay, so slapping hamburger patties together with your hands is unappealing. The sticky fat residue left on your hands is kinda gross. Even after you make all the hamburger patties and wash up – the hamburgers don’t stay together very well when you cook them on the skillet or barbecue grill!

Make The Perfect Hamburger Patties

Making a platter full of hamburgers shouldn’t be rocket science. Sure, we have all seen and probably used one of these hamburger patty makers. But, we all know that after the second patty, the burger starts to stick in the crevices and corners and begins to make quite a mess. You could spray some Pam on it, but seriously, who wants to do that?

So, what’s the solution to make the perfect hamburger patties? This is! 

The Burger Master allows you to make the patties quickly and easily, and then store the entire patty maker, patties included in the refrigerator, freezer or stick the whole thing in the cooler and take it with you. When you’re ready to cook your hamburgers, they’ll be ready and come out of the Burger Master – and they come out really easy too! Watch the video below!

With this burger patty maker, you can put the whole thing in the freezer, and because the burgers are individually isolated, they wont get freezer burn! If you need more than one, they stack easily for storage, too.

This burger patty maker can also be used with stews, soups, chili and anything else you want to try. Simply put your meal in it, put the lid on — which isolates the sections, put it in the freezer and you have pop-out individual stew, soup or other goodies! The possibilities are endless. So, this perfect hamburger patty maker can do a lot more than make hamburger patties!

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