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Ways to promote your brand

These days, it seems like anything can go viral: from a baby’s antics to a teenager cleaning a dirty pool, to men with long eyelashes putting on makeup. For these everyday online users, it means their 15 minutes of fame on the Internet until social media finds another funny or interesting video to share. But for businesses, it can mean a wider audience, more engagement, and possibly more sales – but only if they manage it correctly.

Small businesses may find it difficult to compete with larger ones, but when it comes to going viral on social media, all it takes is one good content idea to attract the attention of plenty of social media users. But how do you make good-quality content that can rake in the views? Here’s how your small business can do it.

Hire a Professional to Handle Social Media

Social media has become a marketing tool for all types of businesses. With around 4.5 billion active users on social media, having a social media presence is now essential for companies that want to tap into popular platforms and attract a relevant audience. Unfortunately, not a lot of business owners have experience handling a business social media account, and it’s not as simple as posting products and services and calling it a day.

Social media marketers understand the balance of posting sales-oriented posts and posts that simply catch the attention of their intended audience without mentioning products or sales. SEO agencies recommend social media marketing services as it can handle aspects that not all business owners know: content creation and planning; creating engaging, original, and eye-catching advertisements; and using analytics to see how successful (or not) their social media strategy is.

Know Your Audience

Good content will only go viral if it’s targeted to the right audience. Let’s say you own a boutique filled with high-end clothes and bags, so your target audience should ideally be people with a more exquisite taste in life. So, if you put out content that emphasizes your products are “affordable” and always on sale, you’re only confusing your target audience. So, those you’re targeting to might think your store sells fake items and avoid purchasing from your store.

Create Short Content

Keep it short and simple. Thanks to technology, the average human attention span is now down to eight seconds. So, if your content can’t catch your audiences’ attention within a matter of seconds, it’s highly likely that they won’t want to stay for much longer than that. Shorter content means you need less of your audience’s time.

For a good example, just look at every viral commercial – more often than not, these videos last for less than a few minutes, and during the first few seconds, there’s always something to catch your attention. And if you look at social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, you might notice that viral business content is never wordy (unless it’s an open letter addressing a controversy, and you never want that to happen to your business). So, if you want a better chance of going viral, keep it short and impactful.

Despite the size of your business, it’s still possible to go viral. But while not every social media post may go viral, all it takes is one good post to catch your audience’s attention. Just remember: the whole point of social media marketing is not to go viral, but to make a sale. So, should a post go viral, the work doesn’t end there.