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Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Jump / Flash Drive

Kingston’s DataTraveler 101 Generation 2 USB Flash Drive is a amazing compact storage device that allows you to take all of your data to and from the home, office, school or even to and from outer space, if that’s your thing. Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, Kingston has just the right storage size for you. The Kingston DT 101 USB Jump Drive comes with urDrive1, integrated software that gives you a practical way to look at your data. When you launch the software, the urDrive interface pops up like an easy to navigate desktop for your USB, rather than countless unorganized folders. It features double click and drag/drop capabilities which will make it easy for you to organize all your files, music, videos, pictures and more. We’re not done exploring this USB drive yet.

The urDrive1 Software allows you to take advantage of its own Internet Browser which allows you to browse the internet on any PC, anywhere you go, and still take your bookmarks with you. Also included is the AppZone to test and try new apps, play games and more. The DT101 USB featured easy to use swivel cap for reliable and convenient access.  It comes with a built in MP3 player, a built in photo viewer plus 2GB of secure ONLINE backup — which is a perfect place to store important files, so even if you misplace your Flash Drive, you’ll still be able to access them anywhere – anytime! For your kids, the Kingston DT101 includes Fooz Kids, created by moms, which offers the ability for children to discover the internet in a safe, secure place. While the Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Flash Drive comes in a variety of sizes, and is easy on your wallet, it also includes a 5 year warranty and free tech support. You cant go wrong with the Kingston DT 101 G2 Jump Drive. Check out today’s price below

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