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Max Tow Truck, Tows up to 200 pounds!A must have for boys who are into trucks! This Max Tow Truck toy can pull up to 200 pounds! Drag dad across the office in his chair, pull the cat by the tail (no don’t do that) but this toy’s limits are only bound by the imagination! Have fun exploring what this truck can pull.

The perfect gift for the the boy who has all sorts of cool things, but is missing that one truck that can pull the rest. Line up all the trucks in his collection, tie them together and let this rig pull them around on the floor! The Max Tow Truck is an awesome addition to the play room, and can even make picking things up fun! Drag or push everything back to it’s place with the Max Tow Truck. Topped off with more than 50 sounds and noises, this truck will provide hours of fun!

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  • Max Tow Truck is the hardest working truck that will push, pull, and climb over just about any obstacle. With over 50 phrases and sounds, plus the impressive ability to climb objects and push and pull up to 200 pounds, MAX Tow Truck will have drivers maneuvering like a pro. 6 “C” batteries required (not included
  • Approximate Size of Product Dimensions(in inches): 19.20 X 16.60 X 15.90
  • Max Tow Truck Color Red
  • Requires 6 “c” batteries NOT included