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Muller's Yogurt Rollback at Walmart #MullerMoment #Ad

Here’s an exciting Rollback at Walmart, it’s Müller’s® Yogurts! I learned about this Rollback by way of the #MullerMoment campaign through #CollectiveBias. You can find this brand of yogurt, all the goodness selection they offer in the yogurt isle of your local Walmart.

Rollback on Müller’s® Yogurt at Walmart

Müller’s® Yogurt is a must have on your shopping list. Whether you normally purchase this brand of yogurt or this will be your first time trying it, you’ll love this Walmart Rollback price! So, pick some up before this deal ends! Don’t forget to try the Ice Cream Inspired yogurt!

Müller’s® offers several different kinds of yogurts to choose from. They’re known for their “corner yogurts”, which have a corner compartment with a special treat to tip into your yogurt. So whether you like Müller’s® corner yogurt flavors, their Greek yogurt flavors or their FrüitUp yogurt flavors- you must pause, take a step back and pick up their NEW Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt – you’ll love it!

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Did you love your #MullerMoment with Müller’s® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt? It’s a great time to try the other Müller® Yogurts like the Corner low-fat regular yogurt, Greek-style and 100 calorie Greek-style yogurt, all paired with a side of yummy fruit or crunchy toppings.

You can also try the creamy low-fat yogurt topped with a layer of fruit mousse. Right now, you can save .88 on most of the Müller® Yogurts on Rollback at Walmart. Get the scoop on all of the Müller® Yogurts and head to Walmart to get your savings today! Click here to check out awesome Müller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt recipes!

Muller's Yogurt Rollback at Walmart + Coupon! #MullerMoment #Ad


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