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Operation SmileHave you heard about Operation Smile? Operation Smile is a charity which helps children who were born with cleft palates and cleft lips. Operation smile has performed more than 200,000 surgical procedures around the world.

Operation Smile 🙂

Operation Smile has more than 5000 volunteers scattered around the globe to help give children beautiful smiles. The good doesn’t stop there, Operation Smile gives these life-saving surgeries and post operative care as well as therapy to children in need.

Most of the children who receive these procedure, free of charge, come from low to mid income countries, where medical care is not affordable for them. As well as creating wonderful smiles for children around the world, Operation Smile also has volunteers who provide long term medical care at medical care centers located in several countries around the world.

Operation Smile and Campus Book Rentals

Campus Book Rentals & Operation Smile

Are you a college student? Do you know a college student? Share this article with your friends because you’re about to learn the easiest way to contribute to Operation Smile, simply by doing things every college student needs to do anyways!

Head over to and rent a text book, more specifically — all of your textbooks! Campus Book Rentals will donate a portion of every dollar spent on text book rentals to Operation Smile! This means when you rent a book through Campus Book Rentals, you’re helping to contribute to Operation Smile – and change a child’s life!

So, if you or any of your friends are in college, have kids that are in college or gearing up for college – remember to rent your books from Campus Book Rentals. It’s less expensive than buying textbooks by up to 90%, you get free shipping (both ways!), and a portion of each dollar that you spend renting textbooks at Campus Book Rentals goes towards helping children through Operation Smile!

How does it work?

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