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Scotch Magic Tape High Heel Shoe

Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Shoe. Bring fashion and fun to the work place with the Scotch Shoe Magic Tape Dispenser! Have you run out of fun ideas to bring fun into the office? Perhaps you need a gift for a co-worker, yourself or just want to lighten the mood in your cubicle!

Queue the Scotch High Heel Tape Dispenser, you can’t look at it without cracking a smile, and neither will your grumpy, whinny office-mate! If that doesn’t work, you can just tape her mouth shut or smack her with it! (Just Kidding!) 😉

Enjoy the chic Scotch Pump Magic Tape Dispenser including a roll of 3/4″ x 350′” roll of Scotch Magic Tape to get your started! How much is this bit of awesomeness you ask? It’s less than you might think.

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