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Taking care of yourself is essential, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Aside from maintaining one’s physical health, self-care also helps maintain people’s mental health. This applies to both men and women. Women have the innate ability to take care of themselves, particularly when it comes to their hygiene and appearance. The same cannot be said for men since people typically tell men to “man up” rather than deal with the issues they are facing at the moment.

But this shouldn’t be the case. Men should also take steps to take care of their physical and mental health. The advances in civilization have gradually made it acceptable for men to perform self-care routines to ensure they remain healthy.

While it may not be the same as women’s spa days, you can also take care of yourself through simple yet effective techniques. Here are some things you can do to take care of yourself.

Follow an Exercise Routine

You should start an exercise regimen and follow it. Working out has a lot of obvious benefits to both your physical and mental health. The physical benefits of exercise include protection against chronic diseases, weight management, better sleep, and lower blood pressure. On the other hand, the mental health benefits of regular exercise include reduced risk of depression, tension and stress relief, sharper memory, and better self-esteem.

Even if you are anxious about working out in the gym, you can exercise in the comfort of your home. You can do basic exercises, such as pushups and sit-ups. You can also jog around the neighborhood, but remember to take a mask. While it is challenging to start an exercise routine, you should not stop since it will become easier after your muscles get used to it. You may even reach a point where you will push yourself to do more.

Have a Balanced Diet

When you exercise, you will likely find yourself looking for something to eat. But you should not eat just anything you can find. Instead, you should watch what you eat and have a balanced diet. It’s not a good idea to overindulge yourself with anything you want to eat. You should focus on eating healthy food items, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and protein-rich food, such as lean meat, fish, and skinless poultry.

While having a healthy diet allows you to keep your body well-nourished, maintaining strict dietary restrictions may affect your mental health. This is especially true if you are craving a big, juicy cheeseburger after your regular exercise routine. Due to this, you may get yourself a cheeseburger once in a while just to sate your hunger for it. Just make sure not to overindulge yourself, or else all your exercise will go down the drain.

Reduce Stress at Work

Another way to care for yourself is to try to reduce stress while at work. At this point, you may be among the lucky ones who were asked to work from home by your company. While working from home may be a dream come true for some, it is also quite challenging for others. To reduce the stress level, you should follow a work schedule and avoid mixing your personal life with your work life. You should also set aside an area in the house that you can designate as your workplace and ask everyone in the house not to disturb you while you are there.

Reducing stress is also important for a man’s self-esteem since stress is one reason why a man loses his crowning glory. But in case this happens, you can always look for a reliable hair loss treatment for men to bring back the lush mane on your head. Losing your hair due to work is something you can avoid when you manage your time while working in the comfort of your home.

Let Your Hair Down

If you haven’t lost your hair due to stress, you should also let it down once in a while. While you may focus on work to get a bigger chance of getting promoted, you should also consider the stress that comes with it. Aside from affecting your physical health, stress can also affect your mental health. So, it’s always a good idea to relax whenever possible. You can set aside a weekend where you do nothing all day but relax and watch television. You may even take out your video console and play your favorite games. Just make sure that your time for relaxation does not clash with any other responsibilities you have at home.

Taking care of yourself is always a good idea since it allows you to live a balanced life in the middle of a health crisis.