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Summer Road Trip Essentials

Summer is road trip season and we’re gathering our summer road trip essentials. We’ve put together a great list of things we keep in our car for the summer and things we take on our road trips; essentials you don’t want to be caught without. These summer road trip essentials help us prepare for whatever comes down the road. #CokeHappyHour #CollectiveBias

Road Trip Essentials

Aside from beach towels, summer games and all that fun stuff, you’ll also need to be prepared for other situations. This is why we put together a summer road trip essential guide, so we can share our ideas of things to take with us on summer road trips. Things that will help keep us safe in the event something goes awry.

Summer Road Trip Essentials with Coke

Before we take our first road trip of the summer, we hit Walgreens to pick up our road trippin’ supplies. Yup, we grab all sorts of great stuff like suntan lotion, bug spray, fresh batteries for the flashlights, snacks and of course we score an awesome deal on Coca-Cola, too!

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Of course we already have some road trip supplies that are essential when traveling, regardless of the time of year. We have a tire compressor with built in light. It hooks up to the cars power outlet and inflates your tires if need be. It also works as a light in the event you need to see outside of the vehicle for any reason. We have a flashlight with matches in the handle. A multi-tool is essential, you never know when or how it will come in handy, but it always does.

Summer Road Trip EssentialsThe Fun Essentials

  • Diet Coke
  • Snacks
  • Games
  • Bug Spray
  • Suntan lotion
  • Crossword book
  • Pen and Paper
  • Camera
  • Phone

Emergency Essentials

  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Matches or lighter
  • Tire Compressor with Light
  • Bright Colored Towel or Blanket
  • Multi-Tool
  • TP – you never know…
  • Map – sometimes technology fails us..

Our First Summer Road Trip of the Year

This past weekend we took a little road trip to find a place we had heard about before, Ruggles Mine. It’s an old mica mine that has been turned into a tourist attraction. The mine is located on top of a mountain and we thought we’d be able to drive up, and if the mine wasn’t open – we’d be able to enjoy the view. Well, we got lost. Not really lost-lost, but lost enough for us to think twice about continuing on or turning around.

Ruggles Mine is located on a back country road in the middle of nowhere. The sign for the turn off had apparently come down during the winter and we missed the entrance road. The road we were on turned to dirt and began to go uphill, quickly. We knew Ruggles Mine was on top of a hill, so we assumed we were on the right road!

We quickly went from a well maintained two lane dirt road to a steep incline, one lane dirt road with ruts, muddy grooves and a drop off into a ravine on one side. There were deep ruts on most parts of it (glad we had 4×4) and there was no safe place to turn around as one side of the road dropped into a gully, and the shoulder was very soft from mud season.

Country road in Grafton, NH

It’s a good thing we were in our 4×4, because it certainly came in handy. I’d say we were 2 miles into this one lane back road going uphill, before there was finally a spot where we could turn around. Mind you, the ground is very soft and the shoulders weren’t solid as the spring melt is still happening. We were able to make it out of this situation unscathed, but it could have been worse – especially if the road was muddy, or snow and ice covered.

We wound up finding a place to turn around just before it got really sketchy and were able to make it back down to the bottom of the road just fine. On the way back, we saw the sign for Ruggles Mine laying in a ditch on the side of the road. So, we turned in, but it turns out that they close the whole road to the mine for winter and it wasn’t open yet. Oh well. We had an adventure 🙂

Share a Coke on a Country Road

After finding that the mine was closed, we decided to take a quick trip down to the waterfront. It was a bit windy, but a nice day overall! On our way down to the waterfront we found an amazing fox den on the side of the road! There were lots of baby fox, really tiny baby fox – like the size of a football! Little balls of fluff! Unfortunately we couldn’t get a good photo of the little baby ones, but I do believe this was mama protecting her den. The baby ones were crawling around on the rocks behind her.

A Mother Fox Guarding Her Den

After stopping to snap a picture of mama fox and trying to get pictures of baby fox playing on the boulders, we headed down to the water. The lake we were checking out overlooks the mountains and surprisingly enough, there were people already kayaking and sailboarding! The water must have been really cold!

We wrapped up our adventure by enjoying an ice cold Diet Coke at the waterfront before heading home for a nap!

Share a Coke at the Beach

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