This toy drone and car set will give you total ground to air combat! Whether you choose to challenge your friends, or take on a legion of ruthless computer-controlled A.I. Drivers, you can play almost anywhere indoors with no need to set up a track.

Car and Drone Battle Set

Toy Drone and Car Battle Set

Pick a side and enter the game. Simply download the R.E.V. Air app on your BLE smartphone or tablet and take command of either vehicle.

The R.E.V. Air battle pack includes 1 Drone and 1 Car for true Ground-to-Air Combat. Get behind the wheel of the car and battle against the quadcopter from the ground…or become a pilot yourself where your mission is to take out your opponent from the sky.

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  • Box includes 1 Drone and 1 Car for true Ground-to-Air Combat
  • Control either vehicle with your mobile device
  • Compete against friends or a legion of ruthless computer controlled AI Drivers
  • Trackless, unrestricted battle
  • Each vehicle is equipped with advanced sensors and tracking technology. REV Drone requires 1 lithium polymer battery (included). REV Vehicle requires 4 AA batteries (not included)