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Universal Power Pak Dumbbells with StandMaximizing performance and saving space, the Universal Power Pak dumbbells with stand is great for those wanting to train like the pros! The Universal Power Pak dumbbell and stand set has a range from 4 to 45 pounds on each dumbbell in 5 pound increments. This dumbbell set works just like those at the gym! The money saving Power Pak Dumbbells are easy to change weight by moving the weight selector dial to your desired setting. As you lift the handle, the weights lift with you. This set allows you to do everything from light tricep extensions to incline bench press and bicep curls — all with a single dumbbell set. No more weights laying around your workout area, no more fumbling with clamps or screws, simply select a setting and begin your workout.

The Universal Power Pak Dumbbells set includes a universal stand that allows you to store your dumbbells in one location. The stand includes two cradles specifically designed for the Universal Power Pak dumbbells and hold them at the perfect height for quick access. The stand also allows you to easily reach the adjustable weight dial selector so you can choose the perfect amount of weight for the particular workout you’re going to perform. The Universal Power Pak dumbbell and stand set comes with a 1 year warranty.

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