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Zoomer the interactive puppy dog

Zoomer is smarter than before, he’s funny and will hold a place in your family for years to come. He’s back with two times more tricks than before. You can teach Zoomer the dog everything a puppy needs to know!


Kids will run, play and be continuously entertained with Zoomers antics. Zoomer wags his tail and follows movements with his puppy dog eyes. Zoomer understands English as well as French and Spanish too!


Teach Zoomer his name and he’ll get really excited (don’t worry mom, he wont piss on the floor!). Make sure you reward Zoomer the puppy with a nice belly rub, he loves that! Teach Zoomer all the tricks that every dog should know like sit, lay down, roll over and many, many more — like chasing his tail! Yup, teach Zoomer to chase his tail! lol

Wait no longer, shop for your new interactive Zoomer pup!

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  • Zoomer is back! He’s another year older and twice as smart! With 2X the tricks, he can’t wait to bark, talk, scoot around and play with you!
  • Just like a real puppy, he loves to learn new tricks. Teach him to speak, sit, lay down, rollover, shake a paw and more!
  • Zoomer is so bright he understands your voice in English, Spanish and French.
  • Zoomer is made for children who can’t wait to adopt a real puppy ages 5+. Recharge Zoomer by using his included USB cable.
  • Includes: 1 Zoomer, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Instruction Guide, 1 Reference Guide