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Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor CleanerMint Plus Robotic Hard Floor Cleaner

The Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner  keeps dust, dirt and pet hair under control for you.

The new NorthStar2 is smarter and more efficient, cleaning more area faster. Mint Plus uses dry and wet cleaning cloths to sweep and mop hard surface floors. The Mint Plus Floor Cleaner Pro-Clean mopping system, improved NorthStar2 navigation and charges in just 4 hours and has a 4 hour run

Mint starts by cleaning the large open areas and moves methodically back and forth across the floor in parallel lines. As Mint encounters obstacles, it decides how to handle them. The Mint Plus will either clean and maneuver around the obstacles and then continue on its path or do an about face and save the area ahead for later.time for dry sweeping and a 2.5 hour run time for wet mopping.Cleaner sweeps and mops hard surface floors automatically, using popular dry and pre-moistened disposable cleaning cloths or reusable microfiber cleaning cloths. The dry sweeping mode is ideal for picking up dust, dirt, hair and other particles you would normally have to manually sweep. Mint’s special mopping motion, combined with the included Pro-Clean System, gets deeper dirt and grime off your floors.

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As soon as the Mint Plus Hard Surface Cleaner completes the open spaces, it proceeds with the edges of the area, sweeping/mopping along the perimeter of furniture and walls for a perfect clean. When Mint has finished the job, it returns to the exact place it started and parks itself so you know right where to find it.